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15 January 2024

Pepper The Fox

Our Guiding Principle for 2024

We have decided to start the new year with optimism! We live in very challenging times, energy crisis, climate change, war, increased cost of living. On the other hand, we are in a time of change that simultaneously offers new opportunities and possibilities. It is precisely this impulse for change that we have taken as an opportunity for 2024 to incorporate certain innovations, changes and dynamics into our business portfolio.

With fresh energy we start into the year 2024.

Through our webpage as well as LinkedIn and our newsletter, we will continuously share our know-how and expertise with you. This knowledge advantage makes it easier to keep track of the flood of information and ensures a competitive advantage for you and us. Together we are and will remain strong.

Especially now, fast, creative and individual solutions are important for our customers and together with Renate and the RANDOS team we face these challenges with competence and creativity: We LOVE to THINK!

Despite many changes and uncertainties we can only say: We LOVE to DO.

With this in mind, I would just like to summarize briefly our guiding principle to start into the year 2024:

We at RANDOS are DOers, THINKers and we LOVE what we DO!

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