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Short term parking zones

Graz has a lot of short term parking zones in the inner city. They are marked with a white signs at the beginning of the zone. The maximum parking duration is 180 minutes. Only at Europaplatz and at the west of Hotel Ibis (both 60 minutes), at Kaiser-Josef-Platz, in the Schlögelgasse and at Lendplatz (90 minutes) is the maximum parking duration shorter. The short term parking zone is valid Monday - Friday 9a.m.–8p.m. and Saturday 9a.m.–1p.m. (exception: at Europaplatz and at the Post area it's valid daily 8a.m.–10p.m.)

Parking tickets

The paid short-term parking zones are equipped with parking ticket machines throughout the area. The parking time can be customized by inserting an amount starting at € 1.00 for half an hour (minimum fee) in 10 cent increments up to € 5.40 (depending on the maximum parking time). The parking fee can be paid by means of euro coins, electronic purse "Quick" or parking coin at the parking ticket machine.

Almost two thirds of all parking spaces in Graz are located in the Blue Zone. Here, parking is limited to a maximum of three hours.

The fee applies Monday to Friday from 09:00 to 20:00 and on Saturdays from 09:00 to 13:00. 

Green parking zones

The green parking zones allowing permanent parking with a parking permit around the city center and in the west of Graz. In this zones parking is permitted only with a permit Monday-Friday 9 a.m.–8 p.m. but without a maximum parking duration.

Speed Limits

  • 130 km/h on motorways
  • 100 km/h on country roads
  • 80 km/h on city motorways
  • 50 km/h in cities and built-up areas, unless otherwise indicated

Public transportation

The public transportation system in Graz is especially in the city center well developed.

Ticket- and Pass Price

  • annual ticket: € 456.00 (for citizens who are registered in Graz € 281.00)
  • monthly ticket: € 50.90
  • seven-day ticket: € 15.20
  • one-way ticket: € 2.50