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Short term parking zones

Since March 2022, we have comprehensive short-stay parking zones throughout Vienna and the parking sticker for the respective district residents. Parking time booked with cell phone or parking ticket maximum 2 hours. Parkpickerl holders are allowed to park in their own district indefinitely. Separate rules apply in designated business streets.

You have to buy parking tickets to be allowed to park in the short term parking zones. Permanent Parking stickers are available for the district in which are you living in, at your “Bezirksamt”. The team of RANDOS Relocation will be pleased to help you with the application.

Since October 2023, parking stickers no longer need to be affixed. The license plate will be scanned by parking enforcement officers using a smartphone. The data is not stored.

Parking tickets

Parking tickets can be bought at “Tabak Trafik” or at the ticket machines in all metro stations. They should be put on the dashboard of your car. The parking tickets are available for

  • ½ hour (€ 1,25)
  • 1 hour (€ 2,50)
  • 1 ½ hours (€ 3,75)
  • 2 hours (€ 5,--)
  • 15 minutes (free of charge).

It is not allowed to use more than one 15 minutes parking ticket at the same time. Fill in the date and year and the arriving time (If you arrive at 12:16h, you fill in 12:30h, that means the next full quarter of an hour). It's allowed to use several parking tickets, depending on the maximum parking duration. Then on every parking ticket should be filled in the same arriving time.


m-parking is a service of the city of Vienna, which makes it possible to buy parking tickets with sms.

Speed Limits

  • 130 km/h on motorways
  • 100 km/h on country roads
  • 80 km/h on city motorways
  • 50 km/h in cities and built-up areas, unless otherwise indicated.

Public transportation

The public transportation system in Vienna is very well developed. It is highly recommended in the inner city districts because of short term parking zones. The “Wiener Linien” offers several types of tickets.

Ticket- and Pass prices

  • Annual pass: € 365,00 one-time payment
  • monthly ticket: € 51,00
  • weekly ticket: € 17,10
  • One-way ticket: € 2,40
  • climate ticket: € 1,095
    With the climate ticket Ö you can travel environmentally friendly by public transport for 365 days on all regular services (public and private rail transport, city transport and transport associations) throughout Austria. In Vienna, it also entitles you to as many trips as you like by subway, streetcar and bus.