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Orientation before and after entry into Austria

Are you considering moving to Austria, but still have some unanswered questions? We have the answers and provide you with all the other information for your decision making.

Come & See Trip

If you or your employee is still not sure if Austria is the right choice, our Come & See Trip is a great service to help get a better picture of the new location and get the right answers to many questions.

We will show suitable residential areas, visit a few properties based on the requirements, research schools and answer all questions on topics such as social security, healthcare, schools, family allowance, public transportation, pets, lease clauses, costs, etc.

At the end of the day, you will have a clear picture of your new destination and will be able to make a good decision.

City presentations and City Guide books

At RANDOS, we offer comprehensive information to help you finding your way around your new place of residence. In our city presentations, we explain all topics such as public transportation, tickets, car sharing, bike paths, neighborhoods, recreational facilities, schools- and kindergartens, children's facilities, doctor visits, pharmacies, emergency calls, social security, taxes, etc.

We provide our customers with all the necessary information that will make life easier from the very beginning. We can also help you finding the right soccer club or ballet school for your loved ones. Thanks to our long-standing contacts and our vast network, we can rely on a huge pool of resources.

The most important information is also available on our website for each city where we are represented. Our customers receive their personalised login data and can access all City Guides, regardless of where in Austria they are located.