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RANDOS welcomes you in AUSTRIA

We don’t want to bore you with our story, we much prefer to hear your stories, so just very briefly about us:


RANDOS is founded by Renate Stadler (now Schiller) in Vienna. At that time relocation services were brand-new in Austria.


RANDOS joins the European Relocation Association. (EURA). Because of this membership RANDOS has a worldwide network.


RANDOS launches an event series called HR meets HR – this is a platform for the exchange of profound expert knowledge for our Human Resources clients.


our mascot Pepper The Fox comes to life and makes our everyday life colorful and cheerful since then.


is a year of challenges – the C-Year. We work harder than ever and move even closer together with our customers. Together we manage to keep the processes as good as possible.


we are full of energy and feel a fresh thrive: new website, new Pepper The Fox blog, an explanatory video on the website so that our private customers can also understand what kind of services we offer, our services can be booked online from now onwards!

2024 - 26 years RANDOS Relocation

Get to know us

Our competent and solution-oriented employees stand for the high – quality standard of our services. We are experts with many talents and always curious about your personal requirements. Every move means a big change and we are here to successfully accompany you in this process.

Our Team


We are Experts, who help people to change their lives for the better.


We are Thinkers, who thoughtfully develop the ‘change road-maps’.


We are Doers, who don’t waste time, find solutions and make things happen!


We believe in the positive power of change. Change of ourselves, change of our lives, change of the society and the world. For the better!


We base all our actions on Empathy and Respect. We know that Out-Of-The-Box thinking is the oxygen for our brand. We are curious by nature and believe in Resourcefulness, Professionalism and Competence.


We believe there is no ‘finish line’, as life is always full of new opportunities for you and for us!


And that’s why we are here to offer you our helping hand and MAKE EVERY CHANGE POSITIVE FOR YOU!